By Crom!

I recently pulled this hot little number from the bargain bin at Keith's Comics

It’s usually the Wolverine completionist in me that’s responsible for such dollar bin purchases, but I couldn’t wait to read this one. Who wouldn’t want to see these two duke it out in a in a down-and-dirty battle royal to determine who really is the best at what they do? Truly, a bar room brawl for the ages. Still, like many other things with the potential for awesomeness, the potential for disappointment lurks in the shadows (Matrix, X-Men III…).

The book branches off from continuity during the classic X-Men/Shi’ar Imperial Guard battle in Uncanny X-Men #137. When Wolverine stumbles into Uatu’s humble moon abode, the Watcher decides to permanently send the Ol’ Canucklehead to another place in space and time. Guess where? Wolverine is initially attacked by Red Sonja and promptly kicks her scantily-clad ass. After her fleshly offering of defeat is turned down, an insulted Red Sonja follows Logan to the local bar. While there, Sonja notices everyone’s favorite Cimmerian ride by and pursues him with Wolverine in tow.

Long story short, Conan ends up fighting with Sonja, which Logan doesn’t find very kosher. After doing a bit of superficial damage to Conan’s midsection, Conan cuts his throat and leaves the “demon with magical blades” for dead. Of course, Wolvie wakes up several hours later (that’s right Marc Guggenheim, HOURS, from a severed jugular...not minutes from being reduced to nothing but a shiny skeleton). A super-pissed Wolvie eventually tracks down Conan, who is about to sacrifice Red Sonja to facilitate the resurrection of his dead lover. Before turning the page, Conan loses a hand and the mage truly responsible for the day’s events loses his head.

Prior to his out of body experience, the mage had opened a portal back to the moon in Wolverine’s time, but it’s Conan who ends up falling through it. With the portal closed, Wolverine is trapped in Conan’s time, but has no trouble adapting to the Cimmerian’s life style. Conan is greeted on the moon by Raksor and Bel-Dann, who he quickly dispatches using only strength and steel (Conan is THAT good). Unfortunately, with Wolverine removed from the situation, Phoenix goes nova and wipes out everyone. I feel that my dollar was well spent.