Why comics are better than other collectibles

Sometimes I wonder what draws me to collect comic books instead of sports memorabilia, collectible cards, stamps, toys, or movie swag, and I think I've finally figured it out. Aside from the obvious practical advantages (when was the last time you read a continuous and fully illustrated story off of baseball cards?), comic books ARE history. Sports cards, for example, are just memorabilia. Each shows a player who may have done something historical, but owning a picture of something historical isn't the same as owning history itself. These things are merely representations of important events or people. In contrast, comic books are capable of actually being one of these important, historical events. Without Detective Comics #27, there would be no Batman movies, no Batman TV shows, no Batman literature, no toys, cards, or Jack Nicholson Jokers. The same goes for Superman and Action Comics #1. These are the two obvious examples, but the list goes on. Comics are one of the few collectibles that allow you to own the root of a branch on the larger historical tree.