Dallas Comic Con 9

I've enjoyed the last few of these shows, but this was my favorite one yet. I had my Hulk #181 signed by Herb Trimpe in front of a CGC witness (thanks Kris!) I'm pretty sure it'll come back at least an 8.0, but I think it has a great shot at an 8.5. I guess I get to wait and see.

After the signing, I went back to look at a Fantastic Four #48 that I had spotted from a distance earlier, but it had already sold. I was a bit disappointed since the exact same thing had happened to me at the last Dallas show. Me and my girlfriend decided to walk around the dealer room a little bit while waiting for Herb Trimpe's Q&A to start. I picked up lower mid-grade copies of Fantastic Four #74 and #75, and then we headed to the Q&A. Out in the main hallway, I stopped by Billy West's (he sure looks like Quentin Tarantino) table to ask about recording a voice mail message for me. Apparently, he isn't allowed to do that because all of the voices he does are copyrighted...oh well. So we showed up at Trimpe's panel discussion. It was fascinating listening to him talk about how he got into the industry and what it was like working directly with Stan Lee. Here's a couple pics:

He also had a great sense of humor. At one point someone asked him if Hulk #169 drew any flak due to a panel where Betty Ross is nude except for a few carefully placed shadows. I didn't think much of the question until the next day when Sean (one of the dealers I'd talked to a few times before) showed me the copy he'd just had signed along with this sketch:

How funny is that? Anyways, back to Saturday. After the hour long Q&A session, and a belated lunch, my girlfriend and I got in Trimpe's line for a second time to get an old-school Wolvie sketch done. During the lengthy wait, I couldn't help but overhear the guys in front of me speak favorably of the CGC witness I'd given my Hulk #181 to earlier (feel free to identify yourselves on the CGC forums if you read this!). That made me feel a lot better since I had been a bit nervous about handing over my favorite book to someone I'd never met. After watching Trimpe do an awesome sketch of Wolverine and Snake-Eyes for the guy in front of me, we talked to Trimpe and his wife while he drew this awesome sketch for me:

It was framed and on my wall that same night:

After thanking him again for the sketch, I made a few more laps around the dealer room and fed my completionist side with a couple Wolvie variants. I also picked up a decent Iron Fist #14 that fit my price range perfectly.

I showed up early on Sunday and started doing some more serious digging in the dealer room. I added about 40 issues to my Conan run from dollar and fifty cent bins. My only other purchases were Fantastic four #76 and #77 and a lower-grade #49 that I got a really good deal on due to the prominent crease on the front cover. I also picked up a Thor #169 because I love the cover. I had been eying a $30 ~7.5 Hulk #182 since my copy has the stamp cut out. I finally asked to flip through it with the intention of offering $25 (I had already made a few purchases from the seller) if the stamp was there. I got a little confused though when I couldn't find the stamp, or a place where the stamp should have been. I finally handed it back and went to another dealer who had a higher grade copy. After looking through that copy and finding the stamp on page 19, I went back and told the first dealer that his book was missing a page. He then went and looked through the other copy himself and his copy was indeed missing a page. I felt kind of bad, but at least he knows about it now.

I've been to the last 4 or 5 of these shows and this has easily been my favorite one. I bought fewer books this time than ever before, but I really like what I did buy. I can't wait to get my Hulk #181 back under a yellow label, and I love my sketch. I also spent a lot more time chatting with dealers, guests, and other convention-goers than I usually do. Well, that's all I really have to say, except that I'm looking forward to the next one, and you should be too. Here's the rest of the pics I snapped while walking around the show in no particular order...

My girlfriend's favorite costume...

Hulk #1 hiding in the back...unfortunately, the bottom 1/2" of the book was trimmed off...

Yep, that's an ASM #1 in the top right corner there...


You're such a nerd, but I

You're such a nerd, but I love you :-)

By the way, I love your very not-so-subtle picture of Wonder Woman...I knew you liked brunettes...:-P

That's the same girl that

That's the same girl that was dressed as a Green Lantern the day before (the orange girl)...

Aha...so you wait until I'm

Aha...so you wait until I'm not present to take a picture of her...

I believe she also the one who inspired the breast discussion which did not end well for you.

I thought it ended well...I

I thought it ended well...I left with the best pair...

Well said, sweetie.

Well said, sweetie.