Arcade project: control panel done

It's been awhile since the last update, but I have been working on the arcade machine here and there. Last night I finally got the control panel put together. I'm still waiting for the artist I work with to get around to making my control panel overlay, but I decided to put it together anyways and finish up the software side of things. Here's a few pics:

Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera while I was doing much of the work on the control panel. Basically, I used a 1/8" spade bit to cut all of the button holes. Then I used a plunge router to route out recesses for the trackball mounting plate, and for the joysticks on the underside of the control panel so they would sit higher. As far as cutting the plexiglass, I again used the router to cut it to size. Then, I used a couple hole saws to cut the button and trackball holes. I ran the hole saws backwards at high speed, and they simply melted through the plexiglass without cracking it.

All of the buttons are just standard Happ buttons. The joysticks are Ultimarc UltraStik 360s. The trackball is a 3" Happ USB/PS2 trackball. Finally, the spinner is the TurboTwist 2 spinner from

Next comes the wiring...


"Here's a few pics" should

"Here's a few pics" should be "Here are a few pics"

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