Wizard World Texas 2007

So I spent the last three days at WW Texas, and my feet are killing me. Anyways, here's a brief rundown of my experience, along with a few pics.

Several months ago, I signed up to volunteer at this con since I was poor at the time and didn't want to pay to get in. Even though I could have just bought tickets when I got there Friday, I figured I would honor my commitment to volunteer. So I showed up around 10:00am Friday morning, and went to get my volunteer badge and shirt. After donning the "uniform", they put me to work. My first task was to unbox several of the exclusive comics and hardcovers and stack them up at the VIP check-in area. Yes, I did grab some for myself...wanna fight about it? Next, they had me stand next to the VIP check-in for two hours and occasionally throw away empty boxes when they popped up. So I got to chat with the VIP ticket holders that were lining up behind me, but other than that, it was dull. I also met Don (Buffyfan) from the CGC forums during this time. He looked just as thrilled to be volunteering as I was. I really wanted to get into the exhibit hall, but volunteers couldn't go in there early unless their assigned task required it. I finally managed to sneak in with a large group of high-school volunteers and started looking for FF #48s. I found a 7.0 copy with minor resto (teeny speck of sharpie on the spine) that I could afford at MrBedrock's booth. So basically, I had achieved my main goal for the weekend before the show even opened :) I left the book with MrBedrock until my volunteer shift was over and went back to the VIP line. After another hour of boredom, I finally got a reprieve when I was assigned to Arthur Suydam's booth. I helped him out there until it was time for his Lone Star signing, which marked the end of my volunteer shift. I immediately obtained an exhibitor's pass and took off my volunteer shirt forever :) I decided to use my newfound freedom to look for a decent FF #50 to complete my 48-50 set. I found several at the Graham Crackers booth, but they were a little more than I wanted to pay. They did express interest in one of my signed 9.6 Wolverine #145 Nabisco variants however, so I decided I would bring it in the next day for a possible sale/trade. Before leaving their booth, I asked to see a beater $950 AF #15 they had on the wall, and proceeded to read it cover to cover. I can now say I've read an AF #15. Three $3 hot dogs and a Mt. Dew later, I decided to take a walk through the artist area. After that, I found myself drawn to a rather busy dealer in the back corner of the room. These guys from Louisiana had stacks of nice IM #1-3s, Cap. Marvel #1s, silver age X-Mens, FFs, and gobs of other stuff that was all selling fast. I met djpinkpanther67 and watched him score a ridiculous deal on an IM #1 and some SA FFs. I don't think anything else interesting happened on Friday.

Saturday was much busier. I decided to get an FF #50 before doing anything else. djpinkpanther67 had a nice one that we had talked about me buying, but I needed to sell my Nabisco Wolverine first. So I took it to Graham Crackers and was given a real low-ball offer. I said no thanks, and started taking it to almost every other dealer in the room. I eventually sold it to Buddy Saunders of Lone Star Comics for more than my asking price at Graham Crackers. I started looking for djpinkpanther67 and his FF #50, but happened across a great deal on a blue-label 7.5 copy that I couldn't pass up. It worked out in the end though because he ended up selling his copy along with some other books later for a great price. After getting my FF #50, I got in Suydam's line for a sketch. He did this quick freebie for me, and I commissioned a larger zombified version of the Wolverine mini-series #1 cover that should show up in my mailbox eventually.

After walking around a little more, I picked up my first Giant-Size X-Men #1. On my way to the restroom, I noticed some giggling at Chris Matteson's booth, so I stopped to see what was up. Apparently, Lou Ferrigno was consistently being a little rude to a lot of people (Buffyfan can verify this). Chris had just sent a five-year old over to Ferrigno's booth to ask how much an autograph would cost. When Lou told him, the kid had said "oh, that's ok...I don't think that's really worth it". Then, Chris showed me a sketch he had done of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. He had gotten Ferrigno to sign it "Great Job...Lou Ferrigno". Chris was now making some humorous post-signature modifications to the sketch with plans on selling prints on Sunday. I bought the first one on Sunday:

The word is he also gave a print to Ferrigno in person...I hope he didn't get hurt. I didn't do much else on Saturday except fill some holes in my Conan run.

After the show several of us gathered together in front of the CGC booth to head over to Saviano's for the forum dinner. We rode there in style in Buffyfan's new Jaguar, and the food was great. Here's a pic of djpinkpanther67 showing off his loot for the day. He came to the show with $350 in his pocket and a few books to sell, and walked away with these:

Stronguy showed off his MVS project. He's been working on it for around three years, and he's only got 16 sketches to go. I hope my Suydam sketch is better than the one he had :) Here's a few group shots from the forum dinner:

I didn't really do much on Sunday except socialize and wait for sketches to be done. I'm too tired to really write anymore, and everything I've written thus far is pretty crappy, so here's the rest of the pics I took. Some of them have descriptions, most don't:

my most notable new books from this weekend...

drawing on a mechanical bull...now I've seen everything

MrBedrock's daughter playing with a hissing cockroach that some guy was using to pimp his lame sounding comic book...

these were on the floor under Andy Kuhn's booth after the con...don't know if he actually did them or not.

a kid walked on this when it was done...


Lou Fi

Wow. I didn't really think my Lou drawing would go anywhere. I'm glad it's getting seen somewhere. I will be bringing more of them to this years Arlington Wizard. I hear my buddy Lou is coming back as well. Should be super fun.

--Christopher Matteson


bwa ha ha ha... ha ha... ha

bwa ha ha ha... ha ha... ha ha ha ha....ha

wizard world Texas 2007

Thanks for using my "Thing" picture
The picture you took looks much better than mine
James Houston, Texas

Very nice, sweetie. I'm

Very nice, sweetie. I'm glad you had a good time!


One of the better conventions yet...glad u had a good time


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Great to meet you in person Kenny!

Had a great time! I definitely look forward to next year!

Don (Buffyfan)

Great Con Report!

Thanks for the pics and the play by play of the convention! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone at the dinner. We finally got to put a face to the avatars LOL