I've been busy

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. I started a new job a few months ago, and, while I absolutely love it, it has definitely kept me busy. Back in October, I left my previous position as a programmer of casino games to join one of the premier mobile (phone) gaming studios. After countless 100+ hour weeks, my first credited game is coming along nicely. I did find time to attend Wizard World Texas and, more recently, the Dallas Comic Con. The highlight of the Dallas show was easily Tony DeZuniga. I got two incredible sketches from him; Conan and Wolverine. I liked them so much that I had some copies made for framing:

I also had him sign my copy of Conan #87 in front of a CGC witness for a Signature Series submission. It’s a really nice copy and I think it has a strong shot at a 9.6.

After the show on Saturday, my girlfriend and I joined a few guys from the CGC forums at Bone Daddy’s for dinner. Here’s a pic of Don that he got to show his wife:

I also got my first new car a few weeks back. It’s a 2008 atomic blue Civic LX coupe:

I still haven’t received my Suydam sketch that I paid $100 for back at WW Texas. I sent him an email just to make sure it hadn’t been forgotten and have yet to receive a reply.

While I’m complaining, my XBox red-ringed the other day. I guess it’s just a minor inconvenience though, since I do more gaming at work than home. Microsoft should be mailing me a “coffin” for it shortly. So maybe in a month or so, I’ll have a shiny “new” XBox.