Dallas Comic Con: April 2008

My girlfriend and I spent the weekend at the latest Dallas Comic Con, and it was pretty fun. Getting in the door on Saturday morning was an exercise in disorganization. First they said come in. Then they said to back the line up. It took over 10 minutes to let in a single-file line of 50 people that had already paid. When we were finally herded through the door, I was happy to see that one booth had Guitar Hero 3 set up. I probably spent half of my time at the con showing off the only thing I'm really good at (I swear this one little boy almost said "holy fuck" when I was tapping/elbow-strumming the Through the Fire and Flames intro on expert). The guys running the booth were also happy when I put in the code to unlock all the songs for them.

I didn't spend much at this show, but I'm thrilled with what I came away with. The only things I bought on Saturday were some holes in my Conan run, a Wolverine Origins variant I didn't have, and a Daredevil 197 (first Yuriko Oyama). Around 12:30, we went to Christina Hendricks' QA. Here are some pics from that:

I also won this Tom Morgan piece from a charity silent auction:

After the show ended on Saturday my girlfriend and I went to Bone Daddy’s with some friends and watched Kansas kick the the shit out of North Carolina in the first half.

When we showed up on Sunday, I went and got on Joe Benitez’s sketch list for a Wolverine head-shot. Don (Buffyfan) had brought both him and Eric Basaldua in from the airport Friday night. They were supposed to have done a signing at the local Titan Comics Friday afternoon, but missed it due to delayed flights. Here's Benitez doing my Wolverine with EBAS in the background:

And here's the finished product:

I also picked up another Tom Morgan piece:

Then, I decided to go buy a book I never thought I'd buy since I'm not a big Daredevil guy, but for $30 (including a freebie House of Mystery 179) why not?

It's totally complete, firmly attached at both staples, and no huge tears or chunks missing. It's just beat to hell and stained with a rusty staple.

After the show, Jeff (Stronguy), Lon (Lonchair), my girlfriend, and I went to Fuddruckers for what Jeff calls a "light" meal. My roommate's cat just crapped on the floor and it's starting to smell, so I'm done writing. I'll leave you with some random pics from the show: