Comic-Con 2008 pics: Wednesday

Ok, not going to write much...just posting some pics from today. Basically, I got to my hotel around 3, and was in the exhibitor's hall by 3:30. A big thanks to Rich Henn for hooking me up with an exhibitor's badge and letting me skip the longest lines I have ever seen in my life. All I bought today were some holes in my Conan run, some Wolverine variants I didn't have, and a really cool Adam West "self promotional" book. It's something he put together himself back in 1966 to market himself. It even has contact information for his agent in the back. Anyways, my pizza is getting's the pics:


Thanks so much for taking the time to post these pics...

I attended the San Diego Comic Con last year and I was dissappointed to not be able to go this year. Looking through all of these images brought back great memories from last year and I sort of felt like I was there again. Thanks again, that was very cool! John (dizzyfoxx on the CGC Forum)

great pics! really enjoyed

great pics! really enjoyed looking, thanks!

Andy (thirdgreenham)

While you were gone.

We had the CGC guys totally re-model the forum.
You'll never recognize the joint.
Oh, and you have to update this blog more frequently.
Phil aka towards2112