Comic-Con 2008 pics: Thursday

Here are the few pics I took today. The first few are from Will Wright's Spore presentation which was pretty impressive. The only pics I took on the floor today were of some of the original art booths since my battery died yesterday before I could snap pics of them. The last several pics are from the CGC dinner at Rei Do Gado. It was a lot of fun meeting and chatting with everyone. I'm looking forward to tomorrow even more now that I know some people here. After dinner, I walked back to my hotel with the famous Greggy from the CGC forums...great guy. As for purchases, all I really bought today were a Conan #2 and a reader copy of Fantastic Four #50 since my only copy is slabbed. I also commissioned an Al Feldstein horror sketch that I can't wait to pick up tomorrow. Well, time for bed.


Great Pics

Great pics, but I want to see some pictures of you having a good time at ComicCon. It's my camera you're using anyway, so I give you permission to hand it to someone and have them take a picture of you. Oh, and it's perfectly acceptable to smile :-).