Dan Aykroyd comic signing

So I was browsing the CGC message boards at work the Friday before my girlfriend and I were due to fly out to Las Vegas, and I saw a post by Kris (thecollector) announcing a rare Dan Aykroyd Signature Series opportunity. He had seven spots available and all had already been spoken for by the time I came along. I was about to throw a fit when I noticed that the signing was taking place in Las Vegas on our last day there. After a few frantic messages, I got in touch with CGC witness Chandler who was going to be doing the actual witnessing at the signing, and he said it would be no problem for me to bring my own book and get it signed in-person. I immediately knew what book I wanted signed. The only problem was that my copy was beat to hell and had water damage. I ran over to Eide's on my lunch break, but they didn't have a copy. Calls to other local shops came up empty as well. I was about to give up when I remembered a friend in Texas who had a complete Marvel bronze age collection. A few short hours later, he was packing his high-grade copy and preparing to overnight it to my hotel! So, a few days later, we woke up at our hotel, had breakfast, and prepared to catch a cab to the signing. The only problem? The book hadn't arrived yet! After several frantic calls to various USPS numbers, I got them to change the carrier's route and go to our hotel first. The book was finally in my hands a mere two hours before we needed to be in line at the signing...a little too close for comfort.

The signing was at the liquor department of a local Albertsons. Apparently Aykroyd is co-owner of Crystal Head Vodka, and he was there to sign bottles. If you bought a bottle, he would sign anything else you brought as well. We showed up two hours early and ended up being second in line (a line which eventually swelled to over 1500 I'm told). Chandler showed up a bit later and we talked a bit while waiting for Aykroyd to show. He had 28 client books to get signed, and yes, he did buy 28 $50 bottles of vodka to accomplish this impressive task. Here's some pictures:

My book and her bottle being signed:

Chandler getting his pile of books and bottles signed:

After helping Chandler wheel his shopping cart full of vodka and comics back to his truck, he was nice enough to give us a ride back to our hotel. On the way, he shared the story of his infamous bet with thecollector. He also happened to have the "bet book" in his trunk...I couldn't resist the opportunity to hold it:

Meeting Dan Aykroyd was a blast, and Chandler is both a bad-ass at getting signatures and one of the nicest people I've ever met.


It's true...Chandler

It's true...Chandler rocks!