My other expensive hobby

Besides comics, I'm also a pretty avid shooter. Moving to Pittsburgh from Texas has only amplified my firearm enthusiasm. I know that seems backwards with Texas' gun-happy stigma, but that couldn't be further from the truth. When you compare each state's laws and the facilities available, Pennsylvania is a much better place to be a gun owner than Texas. I found a shooter's paradise within 20 minutes of Pittsburgh where a $60 per year membership allows me to participate in nearly any shooting sport I want any time I want. I've started to dabble in IPSC pistol and CMP high-power rifle, along with a weekly dosage of skeet.

Last week, I brought a coworker out for skeet who's also a talented photographer, and he snapped a few pictures. As you can see, I have a pretty unorthodox skeet gun, but I still consistently score 19 or 20 with it: