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Wizard World Texas 2008

This show was WAY better than last year's show. Not only did it seem like there were more dealers, but they brought better stuff as well. After picking up my exhibitor badge, I ran into Stronguy from the CGC forums, and we both went over to Arthur Suydam's table to remind him about the sketch I've been waiting for since this show last year. I guess bringing a little muscle along did the trick:

Comic-Con submissions back

My Signature Series submissions from Comic-Con are back:

I'd like to add Ray Bradbury to this one as well, so any help with that would be much appreciated!

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2008

So these small local cons aren't usually that crowded, so you can imagine my surprise when I drove up an hour early and saw a line wrapped around the building:

Down-time = new server

So obviously I haven't posted since July. It's really due to a combination of laziness and business (a strange combination, I know), but I've decided to blame it on my web server dying instead. I can't really be upset about it since at the time of death, it had a contiguous up-time of over a year. So, I used the opportunity to upgrade my main gaming PC, with the plan being to pass it's guts down to the web server. Then, my coworker randomly decided to give me some brand new parts he had purchased for a server he never built. So now the server is sitting pretty in a massive, modded full-tower I used to use, which now contains a sweet Soyo server-grade motherboard and dual Opterons:

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Sunday

Didn't take any...that was easy :)

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Saturday

Here are some pics from the panels I went to today. The first few are from the Futurama/Simpsons panels, and the last one is from the Mythbusters panel.

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Friday

I actually didn't take any pics at the con today because I spent all my time either getting stuff for other people or waiting in lines. I also went to the late night showings of the "Worst Cartoons Ever!" and "Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animations", both of which were great fun. I do, however, have pics of two sketches I got today. One is yet another amazing (and LARGE) sketch from Tony DeZuniga, similar to the two I had him do in Dallas. This time I asked for Red Sonja, and my jaw dropped at the results. The other sketch is by none other than the Al Feldstein.

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Thursday

Here are the few pics I took today. The first few are from Will Wright's Spore presentation which was pretty impressive. The only pics I took on the floor today were of some of the original art booths since my battery died yesterday before I could snap pics of them. The last several pics are from the CGC dinner at Rei Do Gado. It was a lot of fun meeting and chatting with everyone. I'm looking forward to tomorrow even more now that I know some people here. After dinner, I walked back to my hotel with the famous Greggy from the CGC forums...great guy. As for purchases, all I really bought today were a Conan #2 and a reader copy of Fantastic Four #50 since my only copy is slabbed. I also commissioned an Al Feldstein horror sketch that I can't wait to pick up tomorrow. Well, time for bed.

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Wednesday

Ok, not going to write much...just posting some pics from today. Basically, I got to my hotel around 3, and was in the exhibitor's hall by 3:30. A big thanks to Rich Henn for hooking me up with an exhibitor's badge and letting me skip the longest lines I have ever seen in my life. All I bought today were some holes in my Conan run, some Wolverine variants I didn't have, and a really cool Adam West "self promotional" book. It's something he put together himself back in 1966 to market himself. It even has contact information for his agent in the back. Anyways, my pizza is getting's the pics:

Comic-Con tomorrow!

I'll be going to Comic-Con 2008 tomorrow. It's my first Comic-Con and I'm pretty excited. I'll be there from Wednesday all the way through Monday, and I've gotten my hands on an exhibitor's pass so I'll be getting in early too! I'm bringing some books to get signed and I'm also looking forward to meeting all the people from the CGC message boards. I'm going to try to post some pics from each day while I'm there (if I have time).