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Arcade project: another update

I took a day off of work and got quite a bit done on the cabinet. After a couple trips to Home Depot, I got the 24" TV mounted:

Arcade project: update

Last night I ordered all the control panel components which prompted a call from my bank's fraud prevention department :) Today, I decided to remove a few unnecessary things from the cabinet while I wait for my orders to arrive. First to go was the original control panel.

Arcade project

I've wanted to build a MAME cabinet for a long time and I finally have the means to do it. After a lot of researching, it became clear I didn't have the woodworking skills or equipment to build a cabinet from scratch. So, the first step was to find an existing arcade cabinet that could be bent to my will. After some searching, I decided to contact Tornado Terry who runs a very successful arcade in Keller, TX. I'd been to his arcade a few times in the past, but I had no idea he also dealt in arcade parts and repair as well. He had exactly the cabinet style I wanted with everything included but the screen. It was also in near perfect condition as well. So, last night my girlfriend drove me an hour there in her truck. Another hour and $200 later ($198.50 if you count the $1.50 in quarters I later found in the coin box), we returned home. With some help from a few friends, we manhandled it up the stairs to my second floor apartment...

...and there was much rejoicing

I'm in your website...stealing your internets

I thought I would show off the birthday present I got my girlfriend. The kitty's name is Schrödinger.

Day at the renaissance festival

Here are some pics from our day at the local renaissance festival. It was fun aside from the heat, although the 80's aren't really hot by Texas standards. Still, you could almost drink the humidity from the air, and unfortunately, it wasn't very refreshing. I kept myself happy by sampling the multitude of food items with one hand while guzzling water with the other. We also saw a few of the shows, including the infamous Mud Show, and were not disappointed. Anyways, here are the pics:

If you haven't been initiated... need to check out This guy is HILARIOUS. Here's one of my favorites:

Real kryptonite discovered in Serbia

Apparently some miners in Serbia discovered some strange mineral deposits that they were unable to match with anything currently known to science. After enlisting professional help, the chemical formula for the new mineral was found to exactly match the (previously)fictional formula for kryptonite. The new mineral is white instead of a glowing green, but white kryptonite is still deadly to plant life (according to Action Comics #362-366 anyways). Here's hoping they discover adamantium next :)

Here's the full story

Spider-Man Broadway musical in the works

Press Release
Julie Taymor and U2’s Bono and The Edge Collaborate on Musical; Summer Reading Scheduled

NEW YORK, NY April 19, 2007 -- Marvel Studios has confirmed that plans are underway to produce a Broadway musical based on Marvel’s ever popular Super Hero, Spider-Man. Produced by Hello Entertainment/David Garfinkle, Martin McCallum, Marvel Entertainment, and SONY Pictures Entertainment (billing in formation), the musical will be directed by Tony Award-winner Julie Taymor with U2’s Bono and The Edge creating new music and lyrics for the project. A reading is scheduled to take place this summer. No dates for a Broadway opening have been confirmed at this time.

The Spider-Man musical will mark the first time a Marvel character has been the subject of a show on Broadway. In addition to co-producing the show, Hello Entertainment is arranging all financing for the project.

"Marvel continues to look to every entertainment medium to support the enduring popularity of our Super Heroes, and we are thrilled with the talent on board. The all star creative team -- led by Julie Taymor, Bono and The Edge -- is second to none and we are certain this project will delight fans of Spider-Man and new audiences alike," said David Maisel, Chairman, Marvel Studios, whose previous Broadway credits include spearheading the 1999 Tony Award-winning Best Musical Fosse.


Who the hell has the time to do this kind of stuff?

"Haloid" movie

Why comics are better than other collectibles

Sometimes I wonder what draws me to collect comic books instead of sports memorabilia, collectible cards, stamps, toys, or movie swag, and I think I've finally figured it out. Aside from the obvious practical advantages (when was the last time you read a continuous and fully illustrated story off of baseball cards?), comic books ARE history. Sports cards, for example, are just memorabilia. Each shows a player who may have done something historical, but owning a picture of something historical isn't the same as owning history itself. These things are merely representations of important events or people. In contrast, comic books are capable of actually being one of these important, historical events. Without Detective Comics #27, there would be no Batman movies, no Batman TV shows, no Batman literature, no toys, cards, or Jack Nicholson Jokers. The same goes for Superman and Action Comics #1. These are the two obvious examples, but the list goes on. Comics are one of the few collectibles that allow you to own the root of a branch on the larger historical tree.