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Two things I've always wanted

I now have two things that all comic book geeks grail book and an amazingly beautiful girlfriend who is more than supportive of my hobby.

I recently bought the book I've wanted since I was a kid, and, in doing so, ruined some long-laid plans of my wonderful girlfriend. Still, I couldn't be happier to be with someone who tries so hard to make my life better. Even though I have a habit of inadvertently spoiling her surprises, she has easily succeeded in making me happier than I ever thought I would be. When my Hulk 181 finally arrived, I set it aside until she could read it with me. It was great sharing something I've waited many years for with someone who means everything to me. In fact, we didn't just read the 181, but the entire trifecta:

Cool video from Cosmicon 1974

This is just a really cool exposè from the 1974 Toronto Cosmicon. It includes video of near-mint copies of both Action Comics #1 and Batman #1. Check it out: get what you pay for

Everyone is apparently up in arms because Myspace is “censoring” what sites users can link to from their Myspace pages. For example, any reference to the video sharing site will be removed. Several other small to medium sized content sharing companies also appear to be affected (Project Playlist, VideoCodeZone, Stickam, etc.). You may be asking yourself, “Why don’t people just host their videos using Myspace’s own video functionality?” Apparently, people seem to think that posting their content in this manner makes it the property of Myspace (and subsequently FOX). Well, if they could just stop bitching for five minutes and read Myspace’s user agreement (probably for the first time), they would see this:

Profitable negligence and hilarious test answers

If you haven't already heard, Phil Levine is selling his HUGE collection of comic books, TV guides, pinball machines, baseball cards, and pretty much any other collectible you could think of. I won't even try to put it into words. This video says it all:

Old photos featuring comics

This is just a small collection of old photograghs featuring some old comics. About halfway down you can see a brand-spankin new Amazing Fantasy #15 in the background.

By Crom!

I recently pulled this hot little number from the bargain bin at Keith's Comics