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5 years 22 weeks ago — @BlizzardCS sure, blame your customers instead of your own ineptitude and failure to prepare
5 years 22 weeks ago — @BlizzardCS @ChristianYaple not that it'll work when you're able to click on it anyways...
5 years 22 weeks ago — @BlizzardCS So glad I stayed up all night, took off work, and spent $60 to look at login errors. Way to prepare for the obvious assclowns
5 years 28 weeks ago — @lroathe Though I hate to admit it, I'm warming to XCode/Obj-C. It doesn't hurt that I can freely make ad-hoc use of handy C++ utility libs
5 years 45 weeks ago — Can anyone recommend some free time-tracking/billing/invoice-generating software for a freelance contract developer?
5 years 51 weeks ago — @ID_AA_Carmack search for "jack niu" on Android Market. He is selling many of your games. Is this legal?
6 years 5 weeks ago — No more iPhone means I can finally get rid of iTunes! Yay for copying media to my phone like any other drive, the way it should be.
6 years 7 weeks ago — @burgerbecky @ID_AA_Carmack I think he means "pure" as in deterministic and without side-effects, not pure virtual methods.
6 years 8 weeks ago — just felt my first earthquake in Pittsburgh
6 years 10 weeks ago — @ID_AA_Carmack Thnx for the replies! If ever time for a blog, a post w/ your thoughts on exceptions/modern C++ for game dev would be great!