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6 years 7 weeks ago — @ID_AA_Carmack Do you also advocate it for its exception safety benefits, or does id build with exceptions disabled like so many game devs?
6 years 7 weeks ago — @ID_AA_Carmack Noticed you didn't answer the question about using RAII in game development. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on that.
6 years 7 weeks ago — @ID_AA_Carmack iterators, for example
6 years 7 weeks ago — @Delduwath Post increment needs a temporary to store the original value. Usually not optimized away for nonprimitive types (iterators, etc)
6 years 12 weeks ago — @HulkHolden @cbarrett @ID_AA_Carmack CONST_COSINE macro is easier to write using Pade approximation instead of truncated Taylor series.
6 years 12 weeks ago — @HulkHolden @cbarrett @ID_AA_Carmack and if simple Boost excerpts are allowed:
6 years 12 weeks ago — @HulkHolden Don't know if constexpr would help, since I've never tried it. Proposed Boost.MPL.Math uses PP/TMP mix as well.
6 years 12 weeks ago — @HulkHolden @cbarrett @ID_AA_Carmack Here's my solution Pure TMP solution difficult due to no compile-time FP math
6 years 15 weeks ago — @rsebbe @invalidname I'm far more frustrated by the iPhone. It probably doesn't help that I've had two die just out of warranty though...
6 years 18 weeks ago — Apple thinks it's ok for a $500 phone with a 2 yr contract to have a HW failure after 1 year 4 months. I am no longer buying Apple products.